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Engaging kids during Winter Break

engaging kids during winter break

The winter break is an exceptional opportunity to spend time with friends and family, maybe plan a small getaway, and basically make the most of time off from work and school with your kids. But most parents worry that time off will lead to unproductiveness in a child. It is often hard to come with ideas to keep their child minds engaged in productive activities that enrich their thinking capabilities and nourish their brains with knowledge for their future head. Canadian School Bahrain believes that when a child participates in activities that enhance their minds apart from school, they fair well in school as they are already a step ahead in learning.

Fun Winter Activities For Children

Here is a few fun winter-break activities will keep your children engaged as well as cheerful both indoors and outdoors during the winter break:

  1. Read a Good Book:

    Reading is a habit that every parent should inculcate in a child as early as possible. It helps the child develop language skills as they become more familiar with words and rhyming schemes. Parents can curl up with their kids on a chilly day in a blanket with a good book and read aloud or silently, whichever suits you and your child the best.
  2. Backyard Educational Activities:

    We are all aware of the fact that education is not limited merely to books and indoors. Kids can learn even when they stay home from school (well, the current pandemic situation has taught us all that). Educational backyard activities like learning more about the weather, nature, surrounding, etc., will teach your kids more than they learn from books.
  3. Astronomy Activities:

    Astronomy never fails to amaze us, humans, no matter what age. The universe is quite vast, and children have so much to learn and discover. Parents should encourage their kids to learn more by teaching them about the night sky. Astronomy activities will keep kids fascinated and staring up at the sky for hours. It develops a sense of curiosity to discover and unleash the unknown, maybe even become passionate about it someday.
  4. Movie Marathon:

    Children learn from what they see. Parents can have a movie marathon with all the best award-winning films or even movies that they think are suitable for kids. An appropriate movie surely can provide great educational resources, develop character, increase empathy, expand vocabulary, and even increase social awareness and interaction among children.
  5. Donation:

    Not only should children be taught to read and write but also be introduced to contribute to society in little ways possible. When parents inculcate good habits of giving and sharing, it develops personality and character in a child. Parents should engage their kids in food drives, donate old books to a library, donate clothes and toys, visit orphanages and nursing homes, etc.

The above were a few activities and suggestions to keep your child engaged, but parents can try and even make up their activities that they best believe works for their children. For more information, contact the Canadian School Bahrain today.